Call for Application 2017-2018

Global program

  • Information and Communication Technology for Internet of Things, ICT4IoT
  • Two specialties are proposed:
    • Data (1D, 2D, 3D) Engineering
    • Infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC)


  • Double-diploma Master Degree
  • International Maser delivered by French Universities and USTH


  • Advanced teaching methods focus on laboratory works
  • Lecturers delivered in English by professors from French universities
  • Professional experience through six-month internship
  • Possible full scholarship for internship in France
  • Possibility to get full scholarship and fellowship from USTH
  • Possible evening/weekend classes for professional students
  • Possibility to pursue a PhD or work all over the world after graduation

Scientific program

 Fundamental / Major coursesSpecialization
1st year• Mathematics for computer science
• Internet of Things: from sensors to users
• System architecture
• Software development
• Signal processing
• Methods and tools for modeling and simulation
• Security, hardware network and software
• Object programming
• Data acquisition
Data (1D, 2D, 3D) Engineering specialization
    • Data modelisation and storage
    • Data representation

Infrastructure for HPC specialization
    • Hardware architectures and networks
    • Interface and wireless communications
2nd year• Mobile software development
• Cloud and big data
• Methodology and tools for research
Data (1D, 2D, 3D) Engineering specialization
    • Data indexation and classification
    • Data mining, machine learning

• Infrastructure for HPC specialization
    • Architecture for HPC
    • Advanced programming for HPC

Social Science program
Scientific courses are completed by English, French, and Management Science.

Prof. Daniel Chillet, University of Rennes 1, France
Assoc. Prof. Chi Mai Luong, Institute of Information Technology, VAST

Academic assistant
Hoàng Thị Vân Anh
(84-4). / 3791 77 47 —

Timing: June and August
Admission procedure takes form of interview

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